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Welcome to Redeeming Grace

What should you expect?

When we assemble together on Sunday mornings, we are committed to exalting the Triune God through all aspects of our gathering. Therefore, we seek to be intentional with the songs that we sing and the prayers that we offer. Priority is given to the Word of God – it is read, taught, preached, and applied. The sacraments are observed with regularity. In all of this, our chief desire is to glorify our Triune God.

What do I wear?

Redeeming Grace does not have a formal dress code. Some wear ties or dresses; most wear jeans. Some shirts are tucked in; most are not. At the end of the day, we don’t want our attire to be the most important thing.

What about my kids?

We love kids of all ages and you’ll often hear babies and young children in the service. We think this is good for the children, as well as the congregation. We do have a nursery available for children through the age of 4.

Am I expected to give?

While we encourage our members to give to the church as part of their worship to the Lord, those visiting are welcome to simply be our guests.